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(cinnamonum verum)<br />Spicy, warm with a touch of bittersweet, this scent creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility
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CINNAMOM (cinnamonum verum) 100% essential oil 10ml
CINNAMON 100% essential oil
(cinnamonum verum)

Spicy, warm with a touch of bittersweet, this aroma of cinnamon is compared with a warm blanket that will warm both physically and emotionally. Relaxes, creates an atmosphere of peace and tranquility, promotes inspiration, fills the body with warmth and tranquility, eliminates the feeling of loneliness and fear, inspires creativity, enhances sensuality.
Eliminates bad emotions: self-pity, a focus on past blunders, the feeling of superiority over other people, envy and inferiority complex.
Helps to quickly cope with illnesses and injuries.

Aromatherapy s - 1 drop
Bath - 1-2 drops
Massage - 2-3 drops
Aromatization of cosmetics - 1-4 drops on a bottle

Precautionary measures
Individual sensitivity. Avoid contact with eyes.
During pregnancy, use with extreme caution.

Manufacturer: MEDIKOMED, India, Russia
Net weight: 10 ml

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