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15.02.2018 Soria Natural Soria Natural is the leading company in Natural Medicine in Spain. which is, healing through medicinal plants
23.12.2015 Horoscope for the Year 2016 The upcoming year 2016 to many will bring success bright moments, dizzy heights of luck and career success, which for a while will provide a state in the society. Besides all of that we will be able to achieve ourselves without expecting someone to come and give us what we dream.
17.09.2015 Bamboo toothbrushes Why bamboo? The fact is that due to the special composition, the bacteria multiply in it not as fast as in other tree’s wood. But, nevertheless, the first bamboo brush sufficiently loses its ability to cleanse the tooth surface, and had to be replaced. Naturally, the development of new technologies was able to solve this problem.
09.09.2015 Iodine, thyroid, perchlorate and health Iodine is necessary for normal functioning of the thyroid gland. It is no secret that for the formation of thyroid hormones is necessary trace elements and, in particular, iodine.
31.08.2015 All about the milk thistle oil and its properties Vegetable oil that has been derived from the seeds of milk thistle, it is a valuable dietary product, and medicine that is used in folk medicine. High curative properties of milk thistle oil are linked to such substances in it: chlorophyll, carotenoids, tocopherols, complex of polyunsaturated fatty acids (vitamin P).
15.05.2015 Swanson: We are the family! The key to success of Swanson products is their safety and naturalness. In the production of vitamin complexes and other products Swanson uses natural ingredients of herbal origin.
14.04.2015 Ayurveda. Spring recommendations The main characteristics of this wonderful time of year - the warmth, moisture and softness. Under the first rays of the sun melts the winter snow. Similarly behaves concentrated in the body Kapha, it liquefies and flows.
02.03.2015 INDIAN HENNA The natural hair dye Nowadays is quite difficult to find organic, high-quality, low-cost means for hair care that are not tested on animals. For me it was important to find a product that is suitable for all these criteria. Certainly, I heard repeatedly about healing power of henna and finally I decided to verify the accuracy of these words. Since then 4 years have passed and I regularly use henna for health purposes.
10.02.2015 The thymus - a point of happiness in your body There is an organ in our body, which people rarely discuss, but it can rightly be called a "point of happiness." And to look for it for a long time is not necessary.
02.02.2015 10 Ayurvedic RECIPES for beautiful skin during winter During winter, our skin becomes dry and rough. It is constantly being shelled and scratched. The skin on the hands and lips may become very sensitive and cracked. If you deal with these winter skin problems then using ayurvedic skin-care products can help you, such products have been used for thousands years for beauty of skin.
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