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MACADAMIA Natural face oil AMORE

AMORE MACADAMIA Natural face oil 60ml
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AMORE MACADAMIA Natural face oil 60ml
AMORE MACADAMIA Natural face oil 60ml

Macadamia oil is the ultimate carrier oil for skincare products. No matter what your age or skin type, oils are a wonderful skin food. When you're young, your skin exudes a luminosity and is nicely plump due to the abundance of naturally occurring oils. As we age, your cell turnover declines and so too does your skin's ability to produce oil.  A topical application of oils is an essential component of age defying skincare. Oils act as a carrier for other key ingredients, as well as improving the function of the lipid barrier, which keeps the skin moist and hydrated. 

Macadamia Nut Oil

  • A light weight, medium nutty oil

  • It’s chemical profile is very similar to that of human sebum

  • It is a very stable oil, with a shelf life of up to two years

  • It’s perfect for heart health as it contains the perfect balance of essential fatty acids

  • It has a non greasy, feel on the skin, which gives the oil a nice workable film

  • Its palmitoleic and oleic acid profile makes it the perfect choice for a mature or dry skin

  • Phytosterols are protective, aiding in skin recovery, they work like cortisone on the skin helping to reduce itchiness and inflammation

  • The linoleic fatty acid content makes it great for a skin that has difficulty retaining moisture

There are five reasons why macadamia nut oil is so good for your skin:

1) Gentle enough for sensitive skin - Because it is an edible nut with no chemical additives, this oil is safe enough to eat directly. Due to its food-grade qualities, macadamia nut oil is highly nourishing for your face and body.

2) Easily absorbed - Macadamia nut oil has a unique lipid profile. The fatty acids present in its formulation are more nutrient dense than olive oil or coconut oil. It works well as a moisturiser when applied directly on damp skin straight from the shower or after washing your face. Unlike heavier chemical oils such as those derived from petrolatum, macadamia nut oil does not leave a residue on the skin. Within a few minutes, your body will have absorbed it so it will not stain your clothing or sleepwear.

3) Light but versatile - Unlike heavy natural butters and oils, macadamia nut oil is deeply moisturising but non-comedogenic. That means it can be used on people with acne or oily skin, and even works for oil cleansing to draw out makeup and impurities. It is also safe enough to use all over your baby.

4) Affordable - Sold in large glass bottles in major supermarkets, macadamia nut oil is locally produced within Kenya therefore it is a cheaper alternative to other plant oils and butters. A little goes a long way and you can add it to your daily sunscreen, night cream, lotion or moisturiser.

5) Pleasant scent - Macadamia nut oil does not qualify to be called an essential oil, simply because it is not concentrated enough, but it has a mild and pleasant nutty aroma that some even describe as ‘chocolatey.’ This makes it ideal to pour into your bath water or even to use as a massage oil on yourself or your loved ones.

Ingredients: Macadamia nut oil, parfume.

Manufacturer: Delta, Italy

Package: 60ml

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