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Lyapko Universal-M Roller

Step of needles-3.5mm, size-72x51 mm
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Lyapko Universal-M Roller
Roller 3,5 Ag - Lyapko applicator

Step of needles - 3.5, size - 72x51 mm.

The applicator is a small elastic rubber plate with needles, that mounted on it, it consists of various metals, that are essential for the organism: zinc, copper, iron, nickel, and silver.

The use of the applicator - the best way to relieve fatigue, recharge your life energy for the whole day and effectively eliminate pain.

ZONES OF TREATMENT: the waist, the area between the shoulder blades, buttocks and abdomen, shoulders and neck, feet, arms and legs. The effect of exposure is achieved by several times faster than when using the statistical applicator.

Roller massager relieves muscle tension, acts as a "needle shower", promoting relaxation. "Needle Doctor" improves mood, sleep, balance metabolism, improves performance and vitality, promotes the elimination of sexual disorders, reduces recovery time after heavy operations, injuries of the spine and extremities, strokes. Effectively eliminates the pain. It should be remembered that the first pain reaction is replaced by a pleasant feeling of warmth, improves blood circulation, beneficial effect on the internal organs.

The effective action of the applicator is based not only on a simple mechanical treatment of the skin. Needles actively affect the reflex zones and acupuncture points. Applicator gives wonderful results thanks to the rise of the galvanic current, when the needle touches the skin, causing the effect of micro-electrophoresis. That way needed good vital metals penetrate to the body: iron, nickel, zinc, copper and silver.


First 5 minutes of relatively uncomfortable stinging sensation from the effects of the applicator turn into a comfortable feeling with the emergence of a powerful heat pleasant "vibration", tingling. Subsequently, it may be a sense of total relaxation and sleepiness sometimes passing into a healthy, restful sleep.

• applicator exposure time for analgesic, tonic effect, to enhance performance (daytime) and debilitated patients and children - 5-15 minutes;

• To express the analgesic and hypnotic effect (evening) - for 20-25 minutes.

Course duration is 1-3 weeks, and sometimes - 2-3 days. Repeated course is possible after 1-3 weeks.

WARNING: After discomfort for 10-15 minutes applicator should be removed and used only after 5-10 hours or the next day, capturing a smaller area. Applicator should cause only a pleasant experience!

Needle of the roller during contact with the skin don’t damage it. Applicator can be used at any age.

Manufacturer: "Lyapko", Ukraine


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