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Massager Su-Jok set

Massage ball + 2 rings
Code: 7013 1.80
Massager Su-Jok set
Su-Jok ring refers to methods of Su-Jok therapy, which uses impact on the hands and feet. These methods were successfully used for the prevention of many diseases and stimulation of all internal organs.

According to the canons of Eastern medicine the fingers and toes have the points, that are relevant to internal organs and body parts. Su-Jok ring finger massage can be regarded as a general body massage. It has a beneficial effect on the whole body: increases metabolism, reduces fatigue and stress, improves circulation, raises vitality, restores the broken links.

Finger massage is a powerful tool for the prevention and treatment of arthritis of the joints of the fingers. Also it’s needed in the vegetative-vascular dystonia, diseases involving by cold extremities, feeling of muscle weakness and pain.

• Massage the first finger - prevention and treatment of diseases of the lungs;

• Massage of the second finger - the regulation of bowel function;

• Massage the third finger - improving memory, increase efficiency, relieve headaches;

• Massage of the fourth finger - the improvement of the musculoskeletal system;

• Massage of the fifth finger (pinky) - anti-arrhythmic and anti-pain in the heart.

Application: The ring is worn on a finger and rapidly rolled up / down to redness massaged finger. Massager can not be left without movement on the finger. Massages ring does not require much effort, painless and pleasant. Massage ball is used to affect the hands and feet.

Color: Assorted

Manufacturer: Russia

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