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Masažieris Čudo mjačik

Masažieris Čudo mjačik - Miracle Ball Massager
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Masažieris Čudo mjačik
Miracle Ball Massager

Massage ball allow to increase the elasticity of tissues, serve to improve motor skills, are used for rehabilitation after injuries and operations, help to relieve stress. Sutters are indispensable for massage of babies and are an indispensable element in a complex of measures for the prevention and treatment of cellulite.

To stimulate acupuncture points. Especially valuable to those who work a lot with the computer. Helps with headaches that result from muscle tension.

Contraindications: High temperature, purulent diseases, open wounds, oncological diseases.

Application: General massage and self-massage of reflexogenic areas of the body.

Composition: Made of medical plastic.

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