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Mysterious fragrance of incense Satya Super Hit, so easy and enjoyable that everybody likes it
Code: 2209 1.75
Satya Super Hit 15g
Code: 2298 16.50
12 x Satya Super Hit 15g
Manufacturer: Shrinivas Sugandhalaya, India

Net weight: 15g

High quality Indian incense series Satya Sai Baba are handmade and prepared according to traditional recipes. Incense - an ancient art, mix of the gifts of nature - resin and herbs, pollen and spices, oils and flowers, leaves and bark – all this is made to create amazing flavors. Inhalation with pleasant scents brings peace, fills lust for life, relieves stress and makes people more energetic, which promotes healing.

Mysterious aroma of incense Satya Super Hit a little sweeter than the original Nag Champa, but not cloying. The aroma is so easy and enjoyable that everybody likes it.

Sweet earthy smell gives optimism, supports emotional balance, cleanses and harmonizes the energy of the surrounding space, enhances creativity, promotes understanding of the essence of study and practice of the teachings, so it is advisable for spiritual practices, meditation and yoga.

Perfectly cleans the air in enclosed spaces.

How to use: To enjoy a pleasant smell, light the tip of fragrant sticks, let it flare up and then blow out the flame. Place the wand in a special stand, where it will fester, exuding fragrance.

One stick weighs about 1 g and can be illuminated for 45 minutes.


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