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Indian Tea Black MASALA

Premiers Masala Chai - a vibrant mix of Indian black tea and Indian spices
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Indian Tea Black Masala 125g
The Word “Chai” literally means tea and “Masala” is the word for mixture of the various spices used among households in India, which are generally Cardamom, Cinnamon, Ginger and Cloves. Indian ‘Masala Chai’ produces a warming, soothing effect and gives one a wonderful sense of well being. Premier’s has selected the fine high-grown leaf from the Assam region for this blend and processed homogeneously with flavour of selected spices to give you a warm cup of ‘Masala Chai’. Neatly packaged in Golden foil pouch, heat sealed and placed in artistically designed Metal caddy.

Tea, once a rare and precious commodity reserved exclusively for the privileged, is now enjoyed the world over. Should be taken with or without milk or cream. Add sweetener or honey to taste.

Baikhovi tea means "flower" in Chinese, it’s a loose leaf tea, made by drying (green) or an additional fermentation (black and other teas). Baikhovi teas are called so because this tea is harvested at the stage  when buds are starting to blossom. Thanks to it, this tea gets incomparable taste and aroma.

Manufactured: Premiers Tea, India

Net weight: 125g

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