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GOLD toothbrush

Very soft antibacterial toothbrush with gold nanoparticles.
Code: 1018 3.90
GOLD toothbrush
Very soft antibacterial toothbrush with gold nanoparticles.

It provides bactericidal action and desinfection. It has been clinically proven, that 2-4 hours after brushing with the nanoparticles, the number of bacteria was reduced by 99.9%.

The bristle with thickness of 0.18 mm effectively cleans teeth. Small and soft ends of the bristles easily get into hard reachable areas of the mouth. Rounded bottom part of the bristle brushes tooth’s enamel without spoiling it.

Nanoparticles fill microscopic cracks of teeth, gently polish the surface and eliminate the formation of bacteria. Thanks to a unique brush, blood circulation improves and protection against harmful oral bacteria increases.

It cleans spaces between teeth and gum pockets, preventing gum diseases. Teeth retain the purity and brilliance.

Production: Hanil Pharmaceutical Ltd, Korea

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