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Dentogum Toothpaste

27 active ingredients
Code: 1066 2.00
Dentogum toothpaste Ayusri 100g
Code: 1044 9.50
6 x Dentogum toothpaste Ayusri 100g
Dentogum Ayusri toothpaste - 27 active ingredients

Manufacturer: Sahul, India

Net weight: 100 g

Dentogum Toothpaste is an ideal oral care herbal preparation with considerable therapeutic and preventive impact. It is a unique combination of natural herbal ingredients that provide comprehensive and long-lasting protection against oral pathogens and tooth decay. 

Dentogum Toothpaste is especially recommended for those individuals who frequently experience bleeding and inflamed gums, dental sensitivity, plaque, dental caries, halitosis (bad breath) and / or pyorrhoea. Enriched with potent antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent, anticaries and analgesic herbs along with excellent tooth and gum strengthening ingredients, this toothpaste significantly allays all types of gum and tooth disorders, relieves toothache and dental sensitivity, and effectively protects against gingivitis and tooth decay. 

This 100% safe and effective herbal dental care preparation efficiently strengthens the gums, whitens and brightens the teeth, and endows fresh breath, providing significant protection against periodontal disorders.

Dentogum Toothpaste is especially beneficial in the following conditions:

  •  Tooth decay, Cavities (Dental Caries)

  • Dental Plaque

  •  Toothache

  •  Inflamed, Spongy and bleeding gums (Gingivitis)

  •  Pyorrhoea

  •  Bad breadth (Halitosis)

Direction for use: Take sufficient quantity of toothpaste on a soft bristled tooth brush. Brush your teeth as usual every morning and before retiring to bed.

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