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PROMISE zobu pasta Dabur

Dabur toothpaste PROMISE 100ml
Code: 1092 2.50
Dabur zobu pasta PROMISE 100ml
Dabur zobu pasta PROMISE 100ml

As the name suggests Dabur Promise Clove Toothpaste contains Clove oil as its major ingredient. Already, Clove is considered as an essential part of Indian Foods. Being beneficial for the health of teeth and gums, Dabur has added it in its range of herbal toothpastes.

Dabur Promise Clove Toothpaste is not 100% Herbal product. Only its main ingredients are natural herbs. It is healthy product and does not have any harmful effect on health. It is fluoride free Toothpaste and is suitable for vegetarians.

Clove is known to be anti-bacterial and anti-fungal herb which protects mouth, gums and teeth from bacteria and infection. It is also an anti-cariogenic herb, which helps in fighting oral pathogens. Due to the natural antibacterial elements present in Clove.

Dabur Promise Clove Toothpaste is effective to fight against germs and offer fabulous anti-cavity properties. This is one of the specially designed toothpaste by Dabur, which has Clove oil, which is rich in eugannol an essential oil having strong anti bacterial properties to provide effective cavity protection. The toothpaste also contains Pellitory effective to relieve toothache, extract of Blackberry Bark a natural astringent, effective for strengthening gums and teeth. It prevents cavities by attacking and removing the bacteria’s that are responsible for tooth decay.

The ingredients used in the Dabur Promise Clove Toothpasteare monoflurophosphate, calcium carbonate, sorbitol, aqua [treated water], silica, sodium lauryl sulphite, flavor [aroma], cellulose gum, sodium silicate, sodium benzoate, sodium saccharin, methyl paraben, eugenol, propyl paraben, and d-limonene. For a proper oral hygiene, use Dabur Promise Clove Toothpaste regularly twice a day or after the meals.

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