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Copper Tonque Cleaner Premium CopperVeda

Copper Tonque Cleaner Premium
Code: 1106 5.50
Copper Tonque Cleaner Premium CopperVeda
All experts agree that it’s necessary not only to brush teeth daily, but also to clean the tongue.

Regular cleaning helps to:

• Get rid of the huge number of pathogens that cause various diseases of the oral cavity (caries, periodontal disease, stomatitis).

• Get rid of bad breath.

• Activate and stimulate the internal organs, improve overall health.

• Cleaning the tongue will help to enrich the taste feelings that were blunted because of plaque on the tongue and you even can start eating less. According to Ayurveda, the need for food not only satisfies hunger, but nourishes the mind and tastes. When the perception of taste is dulled, it leads to overeating and overweight.

The tongue must be cleaned twice a day, while brushing the teeth. It’s very important to clean the tongue in the evening before going to sleep, because during the night food residues in the tongue decompose very fast.

Manufacturer: India

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