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Calendar Bhutan Himalaya Yatra 2020

Table calendar 2020

Collected and prepared by Victoria Darakov, author of the book “Home Harmony. Vastu Shastra” www.Yantra.lv. Photo and Design by Raymond Klavins www.Artmif.lv. Photos are from a pilgrimage to Himalyas mountain 2018

Through photos of Raimond Klavins you can feel these energies and feeling like you have visited these amazing places in the Himalayas! Many people feel that the calendar is cleansing emotions and mood's improving flow of energy!

Yantra is specially selected for each month of this calendar, it protects and helps to harmonize the energy of the month. The calendar has a comment and a mantra for each Yantra(russian/latvian).

Width 200mm / 270mm Height


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