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10.02.2015The thymus - a point of happiness in your body

There is an organ in our body, which people rarely discuss, but it can rightly be called a "point of happiness." And to look for it for a long time is not necessary. It’s thymus, which is located in the upper part of the chest, right at the base of the sternum. It’s very simply to find it: it’s necessary to apply put together fingers below the clavicular notch. This will be the approximate location of the thymus.

It got such name due to characteristic shape of thymus that is reminiscent of the trident fork. However, such looks have only healthy thymus – damaged one often takes the shape of a butterfly or a sail. The thymus in Greek means "life force". Scientists understood that the thymus is an organ of the immune system only in the 60s! And that it not a minor, as the lymph nodes, tonsils or adenoids, but it can be added to the known central organs.


Function of thymus.

Long-term observations have shown that human life largely depends of this pink gland, especially the life of kids who are under five years old. In fact the thymus is an acceleration’s "school" of immune system cells (lymphocytes), which are formed from stem cells in the bone marrow. Once in the thymus, newborn "soldiers" of the immune system are transformed into T-lymphocytes that are able to combat viruses, infections and autoimmune diseases. Thereafter, on high alert, they enter the blood. And most intensive training takes place in the first 2-3 years of life, and when is closer to five years, when the defenders were recruited quite a decent army, the function of the thymus begins to fade. By age 30, it’s almost completely attenuated, but closer to forty it fully disappears.

The extinction of thymus doctors call an involution or reverse development, although for some people thymus doesn’t disappear completely - remains weak trace in the form of a small cluster of lymphoid and adipose tissue. It’s hard to say why thymus is getting older and resolves completely in some people, and in others it happens later or never. Maybe it's a genetic predisposition, maybe its lifestyle... But doctors are sure that the later it happens, the better. And all because the thymus is able to slow down the body's biological clock, in other words, it can slow down aging.

For example, during one of the experiments, two dogs (old and young) had an operation of transplanting the thymus. To old animal was implanted gland of young, and to the young dog - old. As a result, the first animal very quickly went to the amendment, started to eat more, behaved and generally looked for a couple of years younger. And the second was aging rapidly; until it quickly died of old age.

Why is this happening?

It’s happening because the thymus is not only raising an army of T-lymphocytes, but it also produces thymic hormones that activate the immune system, improve skin regeneration, promote rapid cell regeneration. The thymus is working on a serious rejuvenation of the whole organism.

An injection of youth.

Immunologists have found a way to upgrade an aging of thymus - and for that you need just a little: a suspension of embryonic stem cells, and the skillful hands of syringe doctor who will enter them directly to the thymus. According to the plan, this simple manipulation will cause fading body to fully recover, returning lost youth. According to proponents of the method, such injection is much more effective than injecting stem cells into the bloodstream, where they are quickly destroyed giving a brief surge of strength, energy and youth.

Life after death.

It’s still not need to afraid of the natural extinction of the thymus. This natural process has no threat to human life. In fact, thymus for the first five years of active work ensures the human body with a reserve of T-lymphocytes, which are enough for a lifetime. In addition, the function of the retired gland is partially assumed by certain skin cells that are capable of synthesizing thymic hormones.

What it likes?

Like all organs of the immune system, thymus loves protein that, on the one hand, is the building blocks of antibodies, on the other hand - enhances the activity of its own cells. The preference should be given to the proteins of animal origin (they can be found in fish, meat, cheese, dairy products) and spirulina (http://www.herbals.lv/en/superfoods), buckwheat and beans.

Besides protein diet thymus loves thermal treatments. It will appreciate the sauna, hot compress, rubbing ointments based on essential oils or a session of physiotherapy. However, immunologists don’t advise to get too much involved in the stimulation of the thymus because long-term activity will inevitably lead to the depletion of the body, and this may cause the opposite effect. So thymus should be warmed no longer than 5-10 days, preferably just before the period of colds.

As for the disease itself, which flows with temperature, then at this point stimulation of the thymus can lead to damage in the tissues of the body and more rapid disease progression (it will be faster, but it will be harder to endure). So putting compresses to the thymus is best when the disease is just beginning, and the person feels weakness, lethargy, he has a runny nose, but the temperature doesn’t rise.

What it can’t stand?

The thymus is absolutely not tolerated to stress (noise, temperature changes, anesthesia). During stress it shrinks, resulting a reduction of vital energy. Stresses require the mobilization of all T-cells, as result the thymus have to hastily prepare new defenders. Therefore, thymus aging faster of the person that has risks and being nervous.

Thymic malfunction may be also caused by deficiency of cortisol - a hormone produced by the adrenal glands. As a result, the thymus is necessary to take two works that could lead to the development of thymomegaly (increase of it) or thymoma (a tumor of the thymus). Both of these diseases can be suspected to sluggish, often ill with colds people. Accurate diagnosis can be made on the basis of X-rays, ultrasound findings or immunograms (low number of T-lymphocytes indicates possible problems with the thymus).

How to stimulate the thymus?

Weakened thymus can be enhanced by a simple method in a matter of seconds. The method consists on the fact that you should tap with hand 10-20 times on the location of thymus. This tapping can be done easily with your fingertips or a clenched fist, choosing a nice rhythm. This way you can to stabilize the body for a few seconds and fill it with life-giving energy.

But rubbing the place, on the contrary, acts like weakining. Of course, you can also just put your hand on the thymus and allow energy to flow. This is another effective possibility of vital energy.

If you regularly, every morning will intensify the thymus and repeat this procedure several times during the day, then after a short period of time you will feel much stronger.

You can add to this procedure an affirmation, such as this one: "I am a young, healthy, beautiful," or one of your own, just make sure it will be positive.

When your thymus is activated, you can feel the "crawl" and feel a sense of joy and happiness. It may take some time until you feel something. Do this exercise every day, and you just feel its effects.

If you have frequent bouts of anxiety, panic, stress - do it several times a day and you will be able to regain life balance.

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