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23.12.2015Horoscope for the Year 2016

The upcoming year 2016 to many will bring success bright moments, dizzy heights of luck and career success, which for a while will provide a state in the society. Besides all of that we will be able to achieve ourselves without expecting someone to come and give us what we dream.

In 2016, we probably will have to meet people in co-operation with whom we will be very generous and show that we are reliable, good and they can safely do busines with us. On the other hand, we will hide our personal benefit and as soon we receive what we desired, we will forget about those who helped us to achieve our goals. Accordingly, those around us will behave exactly the same way.

Horoskops 2016. gadam - visām zodiaka zīmēm

But alltogeather the year 2016 promises to positive and joyful. We can wait for bright events and activities, there will be many reasons to rejoice, we will often smile and we will have permanent taste of optimism. There can appear sensation that whatever surprise fate has prepared for us, we are going to deal with everything and get out of any situation.

Aries (March 21 - April 20)
For Aries year 2016 will be time for the completion of old projects and start something completely new, grandiose. Most likely you will want to try your hand in something you have never done because of objective or subjective reasons. A high probability that you will be encouraged by curiosity and you will overcome your principles and allow yourself to get on to that what promises quick money or the growth in the professional level.
In addition, you will meet a lot of new acquaintances and you may even have to create a number of new groups of people, who will have the necessary skills waht you need or simply the ones with whom you like to spend free time. At the same time there can be a reassessment of your value system, you will become more insidious, learning how to subtly manipulate others and get rid of the internal blocks that bothers your desired growth.

Taurus (April 21 - May 20)
Taurus can expect not so easy, but profitable year. Most likely you will have to fulfill the old projects in a new level and meanwile have to protect them from competitors or the envious. So you may have to look for imaginative solutions to achieve target, as well as to work more than you have used to. But the reward will be decent, so your efforts will not be in vain. Explore your coworker main qualities and think of something to offer them that they will be happy to help you to realize everything exactly how you have intended to be.
In addition, you can wait for a journey for which you have dreamed for many years. There is a high probability that from this trip you will bring not only souvenirs and good memories, but it will also significantly change your life.
There can be a change in your appearance, thanks to which you will be able to demonstrate your social and career status.

Gemini (21 May - 21st June)

Year 2016 for Gemini can become a kind of turmoil period. There is a high probability that you may have to start all over again, may even have to change job. In addition, you can completely change range of people with whom you interact, besides not according to your wishes. Basically everything in the next year will depend on the circumstances that you can not influence, so you will be forced to adapt to them and try to find maximum possible benefit from that.
But you also can expect positive events. In autumn and in December you will be offered a lot of new opportunities, and if you are able to orientate and immediately pick up what falls in your hands, then everything will relieve so that your income will increase. The most important is to quickly respond to change and don`t stuff your head with unnecessary principles and reflections. Moreover, in 2016 many of your actions may be based on vanity.

Cancer (22 June - 22 July)
Cancer in 2016 will receive a good money from their work in 2015. Most likely these projects, what you are doing now, will help you to generate a substantial material base and attract new orders or give a beneficial state of cooperation with existing partners. On the other hand, not everything will be so positive. It is not excluded to have problems due to that you don`t now how to quickly respond for changing circumstances. Also people who do not understand you can become the cause of the problems, including some relatives.
However, you can wait for interesting journeys, during which you will not only get good rest and experience a lot of positive impressions, but also gain new skills and some other material benefits. Besides, in your life will most likely return people with whom you have lost connection some time ago. They will bring with them colorful events, and even if at some point you will be thrown out of your comfort zone, but anyhow you will turn out as a winner.

Leo (July 23 - August 22)

For Leo the year 2016 will be bright and profitable. You can wait for new and profitable projects, which will allow to fully discover your talents. But what you are now doing, will bring you even more money and pleasure. Yes, fate will spoil you with interesting events that will make you happy, or at least will not let you get bored.
Besides, it is very likely that you will start an individual project, which you have invented yourself. It may be a private business, something associated with special services or the realization of creative ideas related to intelectual property. You will also have to cooperate actively with your acquaintances and the people who support or admire you. Most importantly remember to show gratitude and give them back something good and necessary, or at least pleasant.

Virgo (August 23-September 22)
Year 2016 for Virgo may not be simple. You may experience frequent contact with not understanding bystanders and because of that abandon your principles to save your career status. Moreover, most likely one of the situations will go to a dead end, and you'll be forced to accept unpleasant decision for yourself. Besides, all this most likely will be worsened because of exhaustion due to conditions what are changing too rapidly, which again can lead to an incorrect evaluation of circumstances and possible mistakes. Try to be objective and do not be afraid to use non-traditional methods.

But you can also wait for the pleasant events. There is a high probability that you will initiate significant changes which will lead to changes in important areas of your life and you will start to do something fundamentally different, but this will clearly be correct and acceptable and give you a feeling of comfort. You may expect to have comfortable journeys, filled with all the things you love and appreciate.

Libra (23 September - October 22)
Year 2016 promises for you to be easy and enjoyable. Most likely from all ongoing you will get satisfaction and you will successfuly use all the opportunities offered by fate and find something which can give you a new meaning of life. There can be expected significant progress in you career, and some beneficial cooperation; also popularity growth in the professional sphere. In addition, you will most likely begin the project, which will not only be profitable, but also raise your professional qualifications and change your status.
In addition, in the second half of the year you can wait for a dream trip. Perhaps you travel unplanned and get much more than you've been expected. 2016 will also bring new friends. But it is not excluded that your friendship will be short and it will end as soon as you no longer need their company or admiration.

Scorpio (October 23 - November 21)

Year 2016 for Scorpio can be quite diverse and often unpredictable. You can expect a lot of new projects that will change with lightning speed one after another, leaving behind nothing except for a smaller or larger amounts of money. In addition, you constantly initiate some change, but as a consequence you will regulary have to meet Fates surprises in most different forms because you can`t predict the future.
Achieving self-set goals, you may often use intrigues and surrounding naivety. You gladly take other people's responsibility, willingly playing team work, but will not love individual challenges. All this will bring you not only financial benefit, but also moral satisfaction. Only your behavior can have a negative impact on your work reputation, so don`t be soo keen on that.

Sagittarius (November 22 - 21 December)

Sagittarius in 2016 can find their true place in life. A high probability that you will find your calling and finally stop to resist fate who pushes you in this direction for several years. In addition, an important role in your life may have some kind of official measures. Most likely there will be a lot of them and each will bring you something that you lack to be most successful in professional self-realization. It is not excluded that you will start your own business, which will prove to be quite profitable if you don`t mistake with partner choice and will be able to insist on your rights.
In addition, you may be confronted with the problem of your residence or you may have to nagotiate with people who claim to what belongs to you. But most likely in the end of the year all of that will be already in the past and at least you will be completely satisfied with the result. You may expect changes in relationship with others.

Capricorn (22 December - 19 January)

For Capricorn year 2016 will be complex and may feel like walking through a minefield. A high probability that you will have to find some way to agree with the people who achieve goals with methonds what you don`t accept. Not excluded doubtful partnerships, not entirely legitimate transactions and risky business. From all of this you will get a rather nice profit, but only in case you will be able to safeguard yourself in time.
If you will not calculate and take into account the possible unpleasant consequences and insure yourself, you may lose what you own. In addition, it is not worth to believe people who flatter you openly.
In addition, you may expect journey, which is not so much for entertainment as benefitial. That may be training abroad, sanatorium visit to improve health or business trip, during which you will certainly gain a new skill or resources.

Aquarius (20 January - 18 February)
Aquarius can wait for a good year, full of pleasant meetings, and a chance to potential opportunity realization. Most likely you will harmoniously use every opportunity what fate of kind people will offer you. This will have positive efect on your career and financial situation. You may expect 2-3 large projects, which results can help you expand internationally or change your place of residence.
However, possibility of problems can`t be excluded. A high probability that your interests may be betrayed. In order to avoid this, you'll have to stop trusting those from whom mostly your work or business depends on. Watch carefully these people, especially all their actions associated with your affairs and your work reputation. Besides, if you have a personal assistant, you may have to change it to a more reliable or more professional one.

Pisces (February 19 - March 20)

Year 2016 for Pisces can be quite problematic. A high probability that you will be drawn in intrigues what may result for you either going to have to answer for the behavior of others or abandon your interests in order to avoid bigger troubles. In addition, you may have to change your plans quite often and give up your ideas realization. Basically, if you begin to think more about yourself, what exactly is better for you and also will not agree to manipulation, then you will be able to overcome most of the unpleasant occurrences and may keep all what you have created with hard work for a long time.
In addition, you are firmly recommended to refuse long-haul trips, at least until the second decade of September. Even the work trips are not advisable, not to mention recreational trips and travels to another country. In addition, in 2016 you should not give any optimistic promises to others - you will be kept at your promess and will be forced to fulfill that, even if it will not be profitable to you. Be more insidious.
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