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Black cumin oil,<br />cold-pressed<br />(Nigella sativa, Kalaundzhi)
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Black Cumin Seed oil 100 ml
BIO Black Cumin oil

Although black cumin has been used for centuries, only during the last 40 years has the true potential of this remedy been realized. Originally, black cumin was used mainly for migraines, asthma and allergies. It has now been shown to be successful in stimulating the immune system, treating HIV and healing cancer tumors. These are three of the most worrisome problems people are faced with today, except for heart disease which black cumin has been shown to treat also.

Known in the Middle East as ’The Seed Of Blessing’

Studies have shown that black seed oil is an effective anti-oxidant, anti-bacterial, and anti-inflammatory remedy. As a result, it is often used to fight infections and strengthen the immune system, which is suitable for treating the following conditions:

• headaches

• toothaches

• nasal congestion

• colds and flus

• digestive and gastrointestinal problems

• hair and skin problems

• allergies

• diabetes

Black seed oil has also been found to be effective at promoting menstruation and increasing milk production. For most ailments, the recommended daily dosage is one teaspoon of black seed oil per day. The oil can be mixed in warm or cold drinks, or it can be added on top of many foods right before consuming. It can also be used topically as a chest rub for respiratory problems.

Uses of Black Seed Oil:

• Allergies

• Flu and Fever

• Boils and Carbuncles

• Cough and Asthma Relief

• Diarrhea

• High Blood Pressure

• Insomnia

• Muscle Cramps and Spasms

• Nausea and Upset Stomach

• Toothaches

Precautions: During pregnancy and breast-feeding don’t take orally, but only externally. It is prohibited to use for patients with transplanted organs of the body (liver, kidney, heart), because enhanced immunity of the body, which may be the consequence of organ rejection.

Regular use of black seed oil increases the resistance of the body and helps maintain health. Does not violate the natural balance and has no side effects.

Country of origin: Egypt

Manufacturer: Oil Tree SIA, Latvia

Net weight: 100ml

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