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Jati (Jasmin)

improves metabolism, cooling, antibacterial, hemostatic, emmenagogue, strengthens the nerves
Jati (Jasminum sambac, Jasmine)

Used Part: Flowers

Tissues: plasma, blood, bone, bone marrow

Systems: the nervous, circulatory, reproductive

Action: improves metabolism, cooling, antibacterial, hemostatic, emmenagogue, strengthens the nerves

Jasmine's flowers have strong cooling and soothing effect. They cool the blood, contributing to stop the bleeding and  they also have antibacterial, antiviral and antitumor activity.

Reinforce the lymphatic system and helps in various cancers, including breast cancer. It is an excellent remedy for fever, and as a medicinal oil helps with sunstroke.

Jasmine flowers have a soft action on women systems, scraping the uterus. With sattvic nature, they reinforce the love and compassion. Able to transmit psychic vibrations.

Cautions: shivering, high Vata

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