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Ivan Tea Original+Sea Buckthorn pac.1.5g N20
Code: 2146 3.00
Ivan Tea Original+Sea Buckthorn pac.1.5g N20
Ivan Tea Original+Sea Buckthorn pac.1.5g N20


Rose Bay Willow herb tea with sea-buckthorn is increasing the immune system and is the source of Beta carotene. Big amount of beta-carotene and Omega fatty acids provides the cells recovery, helps to heal the wounds, improves the condition of skin and acutes the eyesight. Sea-buckthorn has the great healing effect: 

- Vitamin E regulates the synthesis of sexual hormones and supports the reproductive functions;

- Vitamin C provides the normal synthesis of collagen; 

- Vitamins B take part in metabolic process and the synthesis of thyroid;

- Vitamin K prevents thrombosis, is important for prevention of osteoporosiss.

- Rrecommended to be used in case of avitaminosis. 

Rose Bay Willow herb tea does not contain sugar, preservatives or coloring substances.

Ingredients: Rose Bay Willow herb (fermented and granulated), sea-buckthorn berries.


Sea-buckthorn berries contain so many vitamins. Latin name of sea-buckthorn is Hippophae rhamnoides which is translated like “shining horse”. In the ancient times it was known that feeding horses by sea-buckthorn sticks made their fur shining.

 Regular use of ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea:

- helps to normalize the functioning of prostate;

- normalizes blood pressur;

- it helps to get rid of slag and toxins;

- it normalizes the functioning of digestive system and decreases tiredness. 

  There should be mentioned that among microelements found in the herb, there is large percentage of iron, copper and manganese. ROSE BAY  WILLOW herb tea contains tannins (up to 25 %), which prevent the spread of pathogenic bacteria: pectin removes toxins from the body; flavonoids improve the penetrability of blood vessels and are responsible for transportation of blood with nutrients through the whole body and vitamins B are necessary for the normal metabolism. ROSE BAY  WILLOW  herb tea contains 6,5 times more Vitamin C  then lemon. 

One of the main advantages of ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea is that it does not contain caffeine!  

 People who choose ROSE BAY WILLOW herb tea take care of their health and the health of their relatives.  

Ivan tea, that was not fermented - pure taste of the plant! Caffeine free!

If you want to know the taste of pure Russian tea, has not passed any treatment - this tea for you. It's made of young, hand-picked leaves, dried in the sun.

Ivan tea is a traditional Russian drink from 12 th century. Before 1917 (the formation of the USSR) Russian tea was produced in large quantities and exported to many countries, such as England and China, but has been out of the market by cheaper Indian tea. Ready tea has a pleasant aroma and fresh, slightly tart taste. In contrast to Chinese tea the Russian tea does not contain caffeine - tea has a calming effect, it's good to drink before sleeping, it's not make an addiction like a regular tea. The Ivan tea contains a lot of nutrients - vitamin A, which is very useful for vision, tannins that slow the aging process, as well as a lot of vitamin C, so it's a good remedy for colds.

Quality 100% Natural Products.

Origin: Karatuzsky District of Krasnoyarsk Krai. Russian Federation

Manufacturer: Esta Vita, Estonia


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