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Miracle-mitten for massage

It has a relaxing, calming effect
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Massager Miracle-mitten
Skin is in direct contact with the external environment and actively participates in the life of the organism.

The skin is a huge receptor field, which contains the nerve fibers and their ends.

For your health and comfort it was developed Massager Miracle--Mitten.

Massager "Miracle-mitten" gives your skin health and healthy skin - it is a necessary condition for a flawless appearance.

Massager "Miracle-mitten" is a gauntlet 145h105h30 mm size having two different surface textures. Made of medical PVC.

With shallow surface is going soft, without traumatizing the skin – exfoliatind of dead skin cells - peeling. The skin becomes soft and supple.

Large surface is used for anti-cellulite massage. Excellent massages the skin, it activates circulation in the skin cells. Daily use allows you to fight cellulite in all its stages.

Soft massage affects the structural layers, which has beneficial effects on the central nervous system. The massage removes dead cells from the skin, which improves skin respiration. Improves skin tone, it becomes smooth, firm and clean.

During the massage vessels dilate, improving blood circulation, that activates the skin nutrition. Daily use of the massager Miracle-Mitten helps to successfully fight cellulite.

It has a relaxing, calming effect, improves the overall tone of the body.

Massager can be used in the shower and bath with a special anti-cellulite creams and gels.


- Inflamed skin;

- The presence of pus and open wounds

Manufacturer: Russia


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