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Hot Chocolate Ecuador "Fino de Aroma" AKCIJA -40%

Chocolate Ecuador "Fino de Aroma" 200g
Code: 4027! 6.60
Hot Chocolate Ecuador 200g AKCIJA -40%
Chocolate Ecuador "Fino de Aroma"

Manufacturer: Esmeraldas, Ecuador

Packing: 200g

The finest in aroma and flavor, our cacao is from sun dried, hand peeled beans, carefully stone ground to preserve their nutrient density.

Cacao beans of the rare variety Fino de Aroma (Ecuador National), which account for only 3-5% of the total world volume of cacao beans, used to produce hot chocolate, grow on natural, wild plantations in the province of Esmeraldas to the north west of Ecuador. The product is produced in the old manufacturing process without the use of high technologies – cacao beans are collected, processed and produced as a finished product by hand.

Due to this, the product has a high content of natural cacao butter and does not contain flavoring additives and impurities.

- Ingredients: cacao beans “Fino de Aroma” 100%, fat 20-22%

- Origin: private plantation in Ecuador, Esmeraldas region

- Production: handmade, old manufactory 

Flavour: rich

How to prepare: Saucepan: take 1 cup of milk (100ml) or water and add 2-4 generously filled tablespoons of chocolate powder. Stir well and heat it up. Once heated, let it open up for a while and enjoy!

We recommend natural honey to make it sweet. You can also use cane sugar, of course.


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