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Cordiceps extract

Cordyceps mushroom extract
Code: 3751 17.50
Diet-Market Cordiceps extract 50ml
Net volume: 50 ml

Made in Latvia by SIA "Diet-Market" order, according to the recipe of Professor N. Nikolaev. 

Cordyceps mushroom extract is a food supplement that do not replace a healthy and balanced meal.

Recipe from Professor N. Nikolaev in accordance with the traditions of ancient Tibetan and Chinese medicine. High quality product manufactured in accordance with GMP quality standards. 

Ingredients: Cordyceps mushroom extract, preservative: sodium benzoate. 

Daily dose and product application: 

Adults : 10 drops of the extract dissolve in water. Drink 2 times a day for 10-15 minutes before meal. Preventive course: 20 to 30 days without interruption. Depending on the weight, the number of drops varies. Up to 70 kg (5-10 drops), 70 kg and above (15-20 drops). Preferably 3-5 drops every day on an empty stomach for people with normal complexion.

 Contains the following nutrients:      20 drops 

 Cordyceps mushroom extract (Cordyceps sinensis)

in the proportion of 10:1, solvents-water, glycerin

1 ml/ 1,3 g

Caution: not recommended for nursing mothers, women during pregnancy and people under 18 years of age. Persons, who take  immunosuppressants should consult a doctor before using the extract. Do not exceed the recommended daily dose!  Keep out of reach of children. Store at room temperature. 


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