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Anmol Gold COCONUT OIL 500ml

Unrefined virgin coconut oil
Unrefined virgin coconut oil

Coconut oil - a unique gift of nature.

Fully refined oil has the form of a soft white mass which becomes a liquid when heated. It has a mild flavor, does not lose flavor, does not oxidize.

In hair care, coconut oil is recommended as an effective natural nourishing mask to strengthen and repair dry, dull and brittle hair, as well as a means of dandruff. Oil is applied massaged to wet hair and scalp and leave it for a while. After that you need to wash your hair with shampoo accordingly. If the procedure repeated regularly, your hair will be beautiful and shiny and the scalp healthy. It is particularly convenient to use in bath oil, where under the influence of high temperatures, oil becomes fluid.

Manufacturer: Dabur, India

Net content: 500 ml

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