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Neem Toothpaste

Extracts of Neem, Babula, Tumburu
Code: 1082 2.00
Neem toothpaste Ayusri 100g
Code: 1046 9.50
6 x Neem toothpaste Ayusri 100g
Manufacturer: Ayusri, India

Net content: 100g

Neem leaf extract in combination with other herbs has a strong anti-inflammatory and antiseptic action and gives complex care for teeth and gums.

It pauses gums bleeding, helps to stop infection in the gums and tooth pockets, reduces tooth mobility during paradentosis, relieves inflammation of the gums, promotes healing of damaged soft tissues of the mouth, strengthens the root system of the teeth, removes bacterial plaque, prevents the formation of soft plaque and tartar.

Ayurvedic toothpastes contain carefully selected Ayurvedic plant extracts, natural minerals, essential oils, chlorophyll, natural finely dispersed calcium, vegetable glycerin and sodium lauryl sulfate, obtained from palm oil.

IMPORTANT! Ayurvedic toothpaste doesn’t contain: animal products; synthetic or mineral oils; artificial colors, flavorings. It doesn’t contain fluoride, so can be used in pediatric practice.

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