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Helpic Canis Line on Fluid DISCOUNT -50%

Flea and tick repellent for dogs
Code: 5192! 3.25
Helpic Canis Line on Fluid 50ml AKCIJA -50%

Line On against fleas and ticks in dogs.

Canis Line-On for dogs reliably protects up to 3 weeks!

Ticks and Co. have no chance!

Line-On Canis is a completely new, exclusively from ingredients naturally based vegetable oils and their derivatives, composite in a pharmaceutically and cosmetically completely harmless carrier oil product for effective, for humans and animals completely harmless form used to control fleas, lice, ticks.

Line-on Canis forms a fully opaque protective film on the skin and coat of the dog, protecting up to 3 weeks prior to infestation. The Canis Line On may, due to its special molecular structure, not be absorbed by the skin and therefore does not enter the blood or lymph.

Line-on Canis spread fully automatically as a fine, oily film on the skin and coat of the dog and holds through continuous evaporation reliably and sustainably away all annoying insects.

This purely physical process without toxic effects, such as destruction of nerves, acts exclusively on insects so humans and domestic animals remain entirely unthreatened.

How to use:

Apply from the head to the tail a thin strip of liquid along the spine, or selectively the product at intervals of 3-5 cm on the skin of the back and flanks, head and bend wrinkles should not be forgotten.

Contents 50 ml this reach according to the dog size up to 50 applications

Works constantly against ticks and fleas.

Natural product, no chemistry.

Contents: 50ml.

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