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Helpic Felis Line on Fluid DISCOUNT -50%

Flea and tick repellent for cats
Code: 5193! 3.25
Helpic Felis Line on Fluid 50ml AKCIJA -50%
Flea and tick repellent for cats 

Felis Line-On for cats protects UP TO 3 WEEKS!

There ticks and CO have. no opportunity! 

Line-On Felis
 an absolutely new is pharmaceutical, exclusively from active substances of course of based vegetable oils and their derivatives, in and cosmetically absolutely safe Trägeröl compound product to the effective, for person and animal absolutely harmless form to the distant posture of fleeing, lice, ticks.

Line-On Felis forms a fully covering protective film on skin and fur dress and protects thus up to 3 weeks against infestation. The Felis Line-On can, on grounds of his special molecular structure, are not absorbed by the skin and, hence, does not reach in the blood circulation or lymphatic circulation.

Line-On Felis spreads absolutely automatically as a fine, oily film about skin and fur of the cat and keeps away by continuous vaporization reliably and with lasting effect all Lästlinge.

This purely physical process without poison effect, like destruction of nerve tracts, works exclusively on insects and such Chitinträger, so that person and domestic animal remain absolutely unthreatened one.


Trunk bottle screw on and to the cat of the cranial cover up to tail root apply a thin stripe in liquid along the backbone, or the cat 

Felis at a distance of approx. 3-5 cms in a few points on the skin of back and flanks apply and head may not be forgotten.

Contents 50 ml this reach according to cat's size up to 50 applications.

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