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09.09.2015Iodine, thyroid, perchlorate and health

Iodine is necessary for normal functioning of the thyroid gland. It has been known for over 100 years that the state of the thyroid gland during pregnancy affects the health of children. Even mild thyroid problems of pregnant women can lead to a permanent reduction of IQ of their children. It is no secret that for the formation of thyroid hormones is necessary trace elements and, in particular, iodine.
Normally, in the bloodstream should be about 600 mcg of iodine, from which it is taken 75 mcg daily by the thyroid gland. However, iodine deficiency can occur easily, and the work of the thyroid gland should not be interrupted, so there is always a supply of iodine (8000 mcg), which is consumed only in very pronounced deficiency.

Recognizing the lack of iodine in the body of a single person is not possible. The fact that the iodine level in the blood is not detected, and in urine parameters change frequently.

Also it still exists a substance which prevents the absorption of iodine by the thyroid gland. This substance – perchlorate, it inhibits the intake of iodine transport to glandular tissue, including thyroid and breast gland. Namely iodine is needed to produce thyroid hormone, and when insufficient flow hypothyroidism may occur.

Yes, iodine deficiency is associated with breast cancer and fibrocystic breast disease. Artificially produced perchlorate is used in the manufacture of fireworks and bleaching agents. Perchlorate become a mass pollutant of soil and water. Perchlorate is contained in water at low concentrations, but for poisoning of the human body it does not need a lot. A study was conducted on 487 women who had hypothyroidism during pregnancy and their children also had it. What was shown by the results of this study?

Perchlorate was found in 100% of women, including in human breast milk. High levels of perchlorate in mothers were associated with an increased risk of 214% that the child will have a low IQ. Thyroid hormone supplements do not reduce the negative effect of perchlorate on children's IQ.
Impact of perchlorate (and other toxic halides such as bromide and fluoride) continues to rise, while at the same time, the levels of iodine fell more than 50% during the past 40 years. It is therefore not surprising that children's health and mental state have been hit hard over the past few decades. Almost 74% of adults do not get enough iodine. This is especially true for developed countries. Perchlorate causes more problems when the iodine levels are low.

Йод, щитовидная железа, перхлорат и здоровье

There is no big hope that the effects of perchlorate and other toxic halides are going to decrease. To make safe themselves women of childbearing age should consume enough iodine in order to maintain optimal thyroid function. It is important to ensure that young women eat a healthy diet that is free from toxic halides. Drink filtered water free of perchlorate. You can not be certain that tap water does not contain perchlorate. Remember that herbs, fruits and vegetables may contain perchlorate, so it is best to use organic products.

We suggest IODOKEL – a natural remedy, food supplement in capsules of Ascophyllum nodosum. Algae are known for their richness in polysaccharides, fibers and minerals, including iodine, which is important for the physiological functioning of the thyroids and to help to achieve an ideal weight, under a controlled dietary regime and regular physical activities. IODOKEL NATURA HOUSE

The active components of algae normalize skin metabolism on the cellular level, stimulates microcirculation, improve the tone of the walls of blood vessels, which helps to clean of toxins.

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