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15.02.2018Soria Natural

Soria Natural was born in 1982, when the Natural Medicine market in Spain was still in a preliminary stage.

The architect was Antonio Esteban, a great connoisseur of the therapeutic properties of medicinal plants. Formed as an industrial expert, he decided to devote in body and soul to his Project, Soria Natural, as a job alternative after suffering the consequences of the strong economic recession that was affecting Spain at the time.

Soria Naturals

Soria Natural is the leading company in Natural Medicine in Spain. which is, healing through medicinal plants . Its success is based on several pillars: a strict quality control, an ambitious research plan, development and innovation, and a strong commitment of all the professionals working here.

Soria Naturals

With more than 20 natural product lines and over 700 references, the company offers a really wide catalogue aimed to meet all kind of needs in the health sphere.

Soria Natural is the most representative brand in the Natural Medicine sector, being found in more than 3,500 points of sale, including herbalist's shops, healthcare stores and specialized centres.
In different presentations, such as infusions, capsules, tablets or vials with container cap and a registered opening system, the company offers natural solutions that comply with the most exacting and rigorous quality regulations. Soria Natural makes available to its customers the most reliable and effective natural products.
Improving people's quality of life is Soria Natural's raison d'être.

Efficiency, safety and quality at the service of health. These three values summarize the raison d'être of Soria Natural. However, this could not be possible without all the means and resources invested on continuous research, innovation, dynamism, quality, staff training, environmental respect… since they are the principles that rule the working process in Soria Natural.
Our social responsibility towards consumers keeps us always alert and working to offer them new natural solutions meeting their needs.

+371 286-688-54
Кр. Валдемара 159, Рига, LV-1013, Латвия
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