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PITTA Tea Arvin's

A delicious and aromatic tea drink, a mixture of cooling and soothing herbs and spices, helps purify toxins
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Arvin's Tea Pitta pac 2g N20
Arvin's Herbal Tea Pitta pac 2g N20

A delicious and aromatic tea drink, a mixture of cooling and soothing herbs and spices, helps purify toxins. Beneficially affects the Pitta dosha, removing the feeling of heat in the body. Especially recommended for hot and humid weather.

Pitta means fire; it is responsible for all metabolic processes and biochemical reactions occurring within the body, which are extremely important for the maintenance of life. Violations of Pitta lead to increased temperature, acidity, jaundice, gastrointestinal ulcers, excessive sweating, thirst and increased appetite.

Contains herbs that promote body relaxation. Pitta tea has a calming effect for the body and mind. If Pitta is broken, a cup of this cooling herbal tea will greatly facilitate the manifestations of increased acidity, heartburn, increased sweating, burning in the body, burning with urination and excessive thirst. Pitta tea is recommended for people in a hot and humid environment.

Also, these herbs reduce heat and acidity, improve digestion and restore the health of gastrointestinal tract.

Jasmine in tea soothes, pacifies imbalance Pitta and normalizes diuresis.

  • Without preservatives.

  • Without dyes.

  • Without chemical additives.

  • Cafein free.

Health and harmony are already embedded in nature itself. Using various herbs and spices in the kitchen, you can apply that healing and purifying experience that mother-nature gives us.

We believe that combining high-quality natural products can achieve a unique combination, synergetics, which gives the best solutions for health and inner comfort.

Ingredients: fruits of amla, leaves and flowers of jasmine, lemongrass, vetiver root, fennel fruits, root and fruits of tribulus, rose petals.

Method of preparation: pour the tea bag with boiled water and let it brew for 3-10 minutes. You can add sugar or honey if desired.

Manufacturer: Sahul India Limited, India

Net weight 40 gr. 20 sachets in individual packaging to preserve flavor and taste.

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