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Yogi tea Natural Balance pac 2g N17

Yogi tea Natural Balance pac 2g N17
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Yogi tea Natural Balance pac 2g N17
Yogi tea Natural Balance pac  2g N17

YOGI TEA® Natural Balance is a truly special tea – unusual, and yet also as if we’ve always been drinking it. Deliciously tangy lemongrass and liquorice are interpreted in a completely new way thanks to the addition of shiitake mushroom. With its slightly savoury, aromatic yet mild flavour, YOGI TEA® Natural Balance provides us with a truly special tea experience. The essence of this tea is: 'Being mindful of oneself and one’s body.'

lemon grass*, liquorice*, shiitake mushroom*, fenugreek*, elderflower*, linden flowers*, basil*, moringa*, dried kombucha drink*

* Certified organic


  • Lemon grass contains essential oils and has a strong, lemony-fresh taste. The origins of this plant from the family of grasses that is primarily used in the Asian kitchen are still unclear to this day.

  • Liquorice has already been known since ancient times. Its sweetening power is about 50 times stronger than that of sugar. It tastes mild-sweetish and bitter-tart.

  • The shiitake mushroom has long since become more than a mere edible mushroom. It is now gaining a new importance served in different preparation forms, e.g. finely powdered, and is being reinterpreted as an ingredient in tea blends. It originates in Asia, where it is still often described as ‘xiānggū’, the fragrant mushroom. The shiitake mushroom is especially succulent and has an aromatic, slightly savoury aroma.

  • Fenugreek -The highly spicy fenugreek grows in Morocco, India, China, Africa, Australia and Europe. Its German name of Bockshornklee is based on its shape, which reminds people of billy goat horns (Bockshorn). In 795 A.D., Charles the Great ordered the cultivation of fenugreek in the monastery gardens and allowed it to spread throughout Europe as a result.

  • Elderflowers -Also known as the elderberry bush, the elder has been considered a "magic tree" since time immemorial. There are now elderberry bushes throughout all of central Europe. They can be recognised in spring by the striking white flowerage and the familiar black shiny berries in autumn. The flowers of the elderberry taste delicately sweet and pleasantly mild.

Brewing Suggestions

Pour 250 ml of freshly boiled water over the teabag. Allow to infuse for 5 minutes or longer for a stronger flavour.

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