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Badjaga body gel

It has anti-edema, resolving, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, cooling, peeling effect
Code: 6304 2.90
Badjaga body gel 75ml
Manufacturer: Neogalen, Russia

Packing: 75ml

It has anti-edema, resolving, analgesic, anti-inflammatory, cooling, peeling effect. Speeds up the regenerative processes, improves nutrition of tissues, helps to restore damaged capillaries, improves the condition of the skin.

The operation and effectiveness of the gel body BADYAGA is provided by high biological activity and synergy of its components, it has a pronounced anti-inflammatory, resolving, analgesic, regenerating, anti-oxidant properties. Thanks to the gel form, the active substances are well retain their quality.

Composition :

Water, glycerin, badyaga extract, horse chestnut extract, bio-stimulating complex "anti-inflammatory", dimethicone, chamomile, sage extract, calendula extract, sodium hydroxide, essential oil of tea tree, essential oil of juniper, essential oil of peppermint, Trilon B, microcar DMP, microcar IT.


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