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KINOKI Detox Foot Patch

Special patch for removing toxins from the body
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Kinoki Detox Foot Patch N10
Special patch for removing toxins from the body KINOKI Detox

Accumulating for a long time in the human body, toxins prevent with the normal blood’s circulation and can cause various diseases. Usually the upper third of the foot "responsible" for the organs located in the upper third of the body, the foot arch "responsible" for the organs located in the center of the torso and the heel - the lower third of the torso.

Applying the patch stimulates blood and lymph circulation in the body. Through the reflex zones on the feet the patch gradually "pulls" the accumulated toxins in the body. Regular use promotes active patch release of toxins from the body, activating blood circulation, regulates the endocrine system, cleanses the skin, improves complexion, removes skin pigmentation.

Whom and how to apply:

• for health improvement and purification of the body,

• people who have chronic fatigue syndrome, often have colds and viral infections,

• used for detoxification in the treatment of alcohol and drug abuse,

• People suffering from chronic diseases:

- Skin diseases (atopic dermatitis, teenage acne, psoriasis)

- Diseases of the joints and back,

- ENT disease

- Diseases of the gums, mouth, teeth,

- Diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, gall bladder,

- Gynecological diseases and prostatitis,

- Metabolic disorders,

- Headaches, hypertension, disorders of microcirculation,

- Intoxication after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

How to use: bamboo, vinegar, resin of bamboo, extract of orange oil, tourmaline, silica, chitosan, vitamin C, and other necessary trace elements

How to apply:

For best results, put patches before going to bed:

Wash your feet.

Remove the sticker patch.

Stick the pad to patch on the side, where the inscriptions are made.

Firmly stick the patch with a pad on the foot arch.

After 6-7 hours, remove the pad and wash your feet.

The results will be noticeable the next morning - the patch will change color.

The darker the patch, the more your body is clogged.

"KINOKI Detox" should be used, as long as they do not stop the color change that indicates that the level of detoxification decreased.

You should not use the patch: on the skin with scratches, rashes or allergic manifestations. The patches are not a cure. Do not cause side effects. No age restrictions.

Produced by: Miracle International, China

Net weight: 10 patches

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