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Сhistotel-Papilom balm 1.2 ml

Gornij Čistotel - balm to remove papillomas
Code: 6220 2.50
Čistotel-Papilom balzāms 1.2ml
Gornij Čistotel - Balm Mountain Cleanser

Issued by: Elfarma, Russia

Packing: 1.2 ml, 15 ml

Balm is recommended as a means for removing papillomas, warts and carts - skin diseases caused by the human papillomavirus. In this case, the mountain celandine balm not only burns neoplasms, but also fights directly with the cause of their occurrence - papillomavirus. In addition, biologically active components of balsam relieve such cosmetic defects as dry calluses, corns.

Mode of application - The balm is applied with a plastic stick or a match (the tip of the stick should be smaller than the size of the treated skin defect). If the area of ​​the papilloma or warts is much larger, wrap the tip of the plastic stick with cotton wool.

DURATION OF THE PROCEDURE: 7-10 minutes on the face and neck, 10-12 minutes on the body. Additionally, wet the wand when dry.

Papillomas and dry corn: Apply 2 times a day for 2-10 days. During the procedure, it is possible to isolate the syphilis.

FANS: Apply once a day for 2-3 days. Before each procedure, steam them in hot water and gently remove the keratinized skin.


This preparation, unique in composition and purity of Baikal grass, will permanently rid you of cosmetic defects - warts, dry calluses and papillomas.

The peculiarity of the balm "Mountain celandine" is that the preparation not only decomposes cells with papillomas and warts, turning them into a common sore, but also destroys the infectious agent of this defect.

Ingredients: Fresh celandine juice, gentian, golden rhododendron, spear-shaped cocoa.

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